August 22, 2017

Village Green achieves 30 percent growth over past 12 months, sets sights on a national expansion

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich., August 2, 2017 – Village Green, one of the nation’s premier apartment property management companies, is proud to announce it has increased its revenue by 30 percent over the past 12 months, while growing its nationwide portfolio of managed properties by 25 percent. These increases in both revenue and national footprint represent one of the largest years of growth in the company’s history, a testament to the changes put in place by CEO Diane Batayeh, an industry veteran who has been at the helm of Village Green over the past year.

Under Batayeh, Village Green has raised its benchmarks for success by putting a stronger emphasis on corporate structure, regional and local expertise, leadership empowerment, customized and fully integrated client services, customer relationships and the delivery of authentic experiences. While the double-digit growth in management revenue properties has been a direct result of these impactful changes, the biggest bi-product has been a community of like-minded and dedicated property owners and investors.

“The past year has been an exciting time for all of us within the Village Green family,” said Batayeh. “We’re a fundamentally different organization because of the collective effort to create authentic and meaningful experiences for everyone with whom we interact. Most importantly, we have the right leadership team in place that is hungry to make the next year better than the previous one.”

Among its many improvements since June 2016, Village Green has created a new brand identity, enhanced communication tools, new technology driven efficiencies, and people practices that attract and retain the best talent. This refined focus on people has led to driving exceptional performance at the properties Village Green manages as well as within every level of the organization. With a renewed commitment to people, customer service and authentic experiences, the company has developed a solid platform for long-term and sustainable prosperity.

To achieve this tremendous growth, Batayeh and her leadership team have their collective sights trained upon building and nurturing stronger relationships with property owners and business investors within their current markets. Additionally, Village Green will soon introduce their unique hospitality-minded and people focused business model to major markets throughout the West Coast.

About Village Green
Village Green is an award-winning Detroit-based property management company serving over 30 cities throughout the United States. With 10 offices located in Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Atlanta, Connecticut and Scottsdale, Village Green’s hospitality based business model is focused on delivering exceptional living through passionate service. The company operates 40,000 units valued in excess of $6.5 billion. Village Green is led by a team of industry-recognized professionals whom take great pride in delivering authentic experiences through valued relationships, tailored amenities and uncompromised hospitality.
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